Cloak and Dagger…and the Brass Teapot

Who knows more about everything than the government?  Getting straight answers from the government, however, is another matter.  In Washington DC, I was able to track down a State Department official who spoke with me on the record, detailing what the intelligence agencies knew about the location of the brass teapot.  According to Colonel Tom Baker, the brass teapot was rumored to have been in the possession of Adolph Hitler at the beginning of World War II.  He handed me this photo as proof.

Regardless of the authenticity of the photo, the fact that Germany lost the war indicates the teapot may have slipped from Hitler’s grasp at some point during the battles which raged across Europe.  Where could it have gone?  Colonel Baker’s explanation, though plausible, is not the whole story.  It is the official version.

Follow this link to an excerpt from the recorded interview.

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